Founder David Sønstebø left the Iota Foundation after a „unanimous“ decision by the Council

Iota’s board said it „separated“ from Sønstebø because its interests „diverged significantly“ from those of the co-founder

Founder David Sønstebø left the Iota Foundation after a „unanimous“ decision by the CouncilNOTÍCIAS

David Sønstebø will no longer be part of the Iota Foundation, a non-profit organisation he helped found and, more recently, co-chaired.

According to an announcement from the Iota Foundation, the organisation „has split“ from Sønstebø. He said it was a „unanimous decision, made by the Supervisory Board in the best interests of Iota and its ecosystem.

The announcement stated that the interests of the project „diverged significantly“ from those of the co-founder. His photo and biography have now been removed from the Iota website and his email address has been Bitcoin Era returned. „The decision to separate, though difficult, had to be made,“ the Foundation said, adding:

„There have been several cases where David’s actions were not in line with what the Foundation stands for and who we aspire to be.
The board members added that: „While this may come as a shock to many, you must recognise that the Foundation is willing to make difficult decisions to protect the interests of our community.

Sønstebø founded Iota in 2015, a project developed for the Internet of Things, and has served as co-founder and co-chair of the Iota Foundation since 2017. The board was unclear whether Sønstebø would remain involved in the project in any capacity, but added that he „would forever be a founder of Iota.

The foundation had its share of drama in terms of organizational structure. In 2018, a series of messages leaked from Slack’s internal channels discussed why two of the foundation’s founders should not be included on the board and suggested that current members should withdraw to make room.

The reaction to the news on today’s social networks was generally favourable to the Foundation’s announcement.

„This is actually good news, some founders can’t grow with the project,“ said Reddit user 4745454B. „It seems Iota is ready as a company in more ways than just technology.

„I sold Iota a long time ago, mainly because of how poor the leadership was,“ Redditor CalculatedLuck said. „Part of the communication that came from [Sønstebø] was very unprofessional. That probably doesn’t inspire much confidence in people who are still doing HODL. ”

Sønstebø has a certain reputation in the explosion crypto market on any number of topics involving Iota and others. He even admitted sarcastically that his behaviour is „deeply alarming and unprofessional“ in response to a Twitter user who questioned him on social networks:

The Iota network is currently undergoing a three-phase plan to remove its Coordinator, a strategy known as „Coordicide. The fully decentralized Iota 2.0 main network is scheduled for completion in the first quarter of 2021.

At the time of publication, Iota (MIOTA) was at R$0.28, having fallen 16.9% in the last 24 hours.