Find a laptop where he left 533 Bitcoin ten years ago

Over the years we’ve become accustomed to hearing about crypto millionaires. That group of people who bought their Bitcoins when they were just a few dollars. And that after the big rally in 2017, they became billionaires overnight. But there’s also a group that, although they bought Bitcoin in the early days, ended up losing it. That’s the case with the Reddit user who found the laptop where he left 533 Bitcoin ten years ago.

Attempted robbery of a Bitcoin at an ATM

The danger of losing Bitcoin
One of the main features of Bitcoin, and what makes it the preferred currency of many people, is that if you keep your money in a wallet with the proper security, there won’t be anyone in this world who can enter it and threaten your wealth.

The problem is that sometimes this same feature can play against the owner of the money. Well, if for some reason he loses the access codes to his digital wallet, there will be no person who can enter his wallet to recover the money. This has already led, in the case of deceased or forgotten users, to millions of dollars being lost in Bitcoin.

These stories are even more dramatic in the case of those who first adopted cryptomontage. Well, on many occasions, these pioneers acquired their first Bitcoins for a few dollars, and left them in a wallet or laptop, forgetting about them for a long time.

This led to more than one person putting their hands on their head when the price of BTC shot up to almost $20,000 in 2017. Well, a lot of them never got their Bitcoins back.

So it is not surprising that large institutional investment firms did not want to even approach the crypto market. Until a company like Grayscale offered to manage their cryptosystems for them, for a small fee. For, at the end of the day, administering cryptoactives can have very negative consequences if not done properly.

The Reddit user and the lost laptop

This is basically the story of the Reddit user known as Shotukan. Who one day ago posted on Reddit how he managed to recover the laptop where he deposited 533 Bitcoin bought in 2010, when the price of Bitcoin Lifestyle was almost zero. Which were on the lost computer’s hard drive years ago.

However, the story would not have a happy ending for Shotukan, as the photo he attached to his story on Reddit shows. Although he managed to find part of the laptop, it didn’t have the hard drive. Place where your Bitcoins would be stored. Therefore, you still wouldn’t have gotten your money back.

This story gets even worse when you think about the current price of Bitcoin. As of this writing, BTC is trading at $9,906. Which means that the fortune lost by Shotukan amounts to $5,279,898. A figure that is by no means negligible, and that could increase more if there is a new post-Halving rally.