Iota’s board said it „separated“ from Sønstebø because its interests „diverged significantly“ from those of the co-founder Founder David Sønstebø left the Iota Foundation after a „unanimous“ decision by the CouncilNOTÍCIAS David Sønstebø will no longer be part of the Iota Foundation, a non-profit organisation he helped found and, moreContinue Reading

No democracy without trustworthy elections? MIT researchers have strong doubts as to whether the blockchain has a future-proof solution when it comes to voting. The allegations of election fraud brought forward by the outgoing US President Donald Trump are putting the democratic process under pressure. This development has sparked thoughtContinue Reading

L’adoption a commencé lentement mais s’est accélérée au fil du temps. Avec l’arrivée récente des principaux acteurs financiers dans l’espace de la chaîne d’approvisionnement, combien de temps faudra-t-il pour que l’attribution de Bitcoin par les entreprises (BTC) devienne la norme ? Brian Estes, fondateur de la société d’investissement Off TheContinue Reading

Die in der Schweiz ansässige russische Tochtergesellschaft Gazprombank erhielt dafür die Genehmigung von Finanzinstituten in der Schweiz. Gazprom wird nun eine Vielzahl von Kryptowährungsdiensten anbieten, darunter den Handel und die Verwahrung von Bitcoin in der Schweiz. Die am 29. Oktober angekündigte Gazprombank in Zürich bestätigte den Erhalt der Genehmigung derContinue Reading

Late last night, Bloomberg reported that PayPal is interested in taking over the Bitcoin BitGo storage service. The payment processor announced earlier this week that it will integrate the purchase and sale of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Now it appears that they are also interested in taking over (other) cryptoContinue Reading

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