Airtm launches its rechargeable virtual card with crypts

The multinational exchange platform is offering a new service to use the funds that users have. The versatility of exchanging money on the same platform in Airtm dollar crypto-currencies called AirUSD, is one of the advantages offered by this service.

The platform is characterized by offering a wide range of payment gateways and account funding methods, from cash in different currencies worldwide to the use of gift cards. Now it has announced the launch of a virtual prepaid card.

Uphold offered a similar service in the past, the cards as well as those being issued by Airtm were backed by MasterCard. Airtm is already well accepted in the crypto world.

The Covid-19’s momentum

Since the pandemic broke out worldwide, internet purchases have increased significantly, and therefore this situation generates a business opportunity that is taking advantage of the Bitcoin Circuit, Immediate Edge, Bitcoin Revolution, Bitcoin Code, Bitcoin Trader, Bitcoin Era, Bitcoin Evolution, Bitcoin Billionaire, Bitcoin Profit, The News Spy with this service. The social and obligatory isolation set a pattern in the world’s commerce, we are now more digital than at the beginning of the year, so it is logical to expect that the platforms will start their evolution to mass consumption at a distance.

Covid-19 encourages the use of emerging financial technologies in Latin America
A globally accepted card with no regional restrictions is offered, which is perfect for internet shopping abroad without further cumbersome processes. It should be noted that the card once generated cannot be reloaded, because as it is not a physical card, the generation of the card codes are tied to the amount for which it is generated, and when the balance is finished the card automatically leaves the MasterCard system and therefore cannot be reused.

Service conditions and fees
Everything in the financial system has a cost, and although Airtm can operate with crypto-currency, commissions are still an associated cost and should be taken into account before deciding to issue a virtual card of this type.

The first thing to note is that there are two types of users on Airtm, if you are an unverified user, you will have a limit of use of $ 100 per card, but with the only possibility of making a single purchase per card, which invites users to take into account the platform commission per purchase that is one dollar per transaction. Despite having a maximum amount of $100 per card, several cards can be generated up to a maximum amount of $250 per month.

If the user is verified in the platform, you will have a limit of $800 dollars and the card is multi-purchase. Likewise, it is indicated that per month you can generate as many virtual cards as you require up to a limit of $2400 per month. claims that its card is the “most widely available“ after its expansion in Europe
If a purchase in either case results in a balance on the card, it cannot be redirected to Airtm’s account, so it is important to make accurate purchases while taking into account Airtm’s commission on each transaction.